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Hello ! Welcome, Selamat Datang, Ni hoa Ni Hao, Vanakkam, Sawadeekap,  Marhabaan,  Mesiere!

My name is Zairil and thank you for dropping by my website. The aim of this website is to share with you some snapshots of my journey and the milestones I have achieved along the 'colorful' way. 

From a very young age, I love 'flight'. At maybe 2 or 3 years old, I knew I was going to be a pilot when I grew up. It was my dream. I had a lot of visions, dreams and imagination. I can say that all my adult life I have been blessed to earn the chance to chase my dreams and actually caught some (but not without a lot of drama! And insanely hard work at times). Today I enjoy what I think is a balanced life - work, passion, extreme sports, relationships and extremely rewarding philanthropy work. This website contains some stories about my professional life and beyond. I hope you will find what you are looking for here and if not, let's have a chat over a cup of coffee to see if I can help you look for it. 

I create this website also to record some of the best and defining moments of my life, which usually happened after some of the worst and disastrous life catastrophe. My goal is to have these moments shared for as long as eternity, and to provide a window of faith and hope to whoever finds these stories useful when they start to doubt about life. Life, in case you haven't discovered, has never been fair. My hope is to leave you with an opportunity to go beyond debating about fairness ... to being excellent even when life throws you an impossible curve ball. I also hope that with these stories you will find that I am not just an engineer, an award winning scientist and a humble teacher teaching engineering. That will be a disastrous brand to leave behind as there is, and should be, more to 'life' than just certificates and career. To me being a good human being by serving others regardless of the world's petty imperfections is how I hope I will be remembered - as a true champion. It helps that I am an engineer as you can see, to do a lot of these 'fixings' in an imperfect world.

So here's a brief snapshot about ... me. I earned a Bachelor's degree and a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the UK. Through my engineering education and experience, I have been awarded with a few titles; International Professional Engineer (IntPE) and Chartered Engineer (CEng) from the Engineering Council, UK, European Engineer (EUR-Ing) from the European Federation of National Engineering Association (FEANI) based in Brussels, Belgium, and Professional Engineer (PEng, Ir) from the Malaysian Board of Engineers (BEM). In 2021 I was honored to be recognized as ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer by ACPECC in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am  also in the processes of chasing that childhood dream ... which is to attain my Private Pilot License (PPL) and maybe upgrading that to Commercial Pilot License (CPL). I love adventure sports... actually, I love adventure, period. I am a licensed scuba diver and a sky diver. I practice shooting every week using 9mm hand-guns (Glock and CZ) and my all time favorite NATO issued tactical shotgun, the Fabarm SAT 8. I love nature and to get close to it, I hike a lot in Malaysia. I have even set up a Cabin in a tropical forest, which I turned into my lab and office so that I can spend more time with nature. I enjoy looking for challenges (trouble?) to grow and especially to contribute, and to discover this thing we call ... 'life'. 

I hope you will enjoy this humble website! Thank you so much for dropping by and I hope to see you in person soon. Till then, all the best!

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Zairil (Zeq)

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Sometime in July 2000, I received an email with the title, "Your prime minister wants to see you.". That's what the email said. "Can you come to his office next Tuesday?". I laughed uncontrollably and my best mate in Southampton thought I was losing it finally. I called him over to read the email in the middle of the party...